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T.L. Price

Enviro-scapes: Exiled Elementals

Enviro-scapes: Exiled Elementals

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Book Overview

  • A Powerful Magic.

  • A World in Need of a Savior.

  • A Secret Love.

T. L. Price’s sexy, action-packed Exiled Elementals Series continues with magical elementals, demigods, bioengineered humans, and shifters facing powerful enemies and dangerous lovers.

Malicious Queen of Poisons or Misunderstood Elemental Trying to Save her Kind?

Returned from exile, Nhari Evans is thrust into enviro-scapes, deadly games where predators quickly become prey in future dystopian Earth. Elementals, demigods, bioengineered humans, shifters, and others will face off. Thayden is Nhari’s team leader, and he has more than games on his mind. But who is playing who? Back in the realm of the exiled, Vigot and the demigods’ rule will be tested by Tiago and the elementals. 
Love is a luxury, power is a necessity, and destiny rules it all. What will they sacrifice for love?

 is the richly imagined sequel to Exiled No More, the highly acclaimed first book in the Exiled Elementals Series, an epic urban fantasy and paranormal romance in a dystopian magical world full of metaphysical mystery and steamy romance.

T. L. Price’s masterful worldbuilding with portals is fast-paced with strong-willed characters that fans will cheer for survival as they face love and danger at every turn. Grab a copy of the Exiled Elementals Series and hang on! Reading order: Exiled No More, then Enviro-Scapes.


Fans of George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones and Sarah J. Maas' A Court of Thorns and Roses will enjoy the Exiled Elementals Series!

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