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WA Simpson

Tarotmancer (Tales from the Riven Isles)

Tarotmancer (Tales from the Riven Isles)

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If the first book was "...a riveting tale about personal strength and hidden magic" (Foreword Reviews), this next one is about working together to defeat a great enemy in the magical Riven Isles.

Tinderbox, the acclaimed first title in the The Tales of the Riven Isles, the story of magic and revenge continues with Tarotmancer. Harper holds the Gift of Divination. Red is the infamous Reynard the Fox, fugitive shapeshifter. When his past finds him Red is taken to the Kingdom of Vale within Underneath so he can pay for his crimes and Harper is taken as hostage. With the Rot drawing on the hatred of the citizens, including Harper she realizes she must put her feelings aside and save Red from the punishment of the Cesspit. As the Rot continues to grow, all must take control of their emotions and join to protect Vale.

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